Why Would I Spend up to $5K—or more?—on an eBike?

Why Would I Spend up to $5K—or more?—on an eBike?

We hear this question all the time. When there are so many eBike options on the market today, many starting at lower prices, what makes Serial 1 worth the extra money? While we could go on and on (and on) about the many deliberate design choices that went into creating a premium eBike that is worth spending $5,000 on, let’s hit the highlights:

World-Class Connectivity

One thing that’s always at the top of any eBike owner’s mind is security. How do I prevent my eBike from getting stolen? While there’s no way to 100% prevent this, we’ve partnered with Google Cloud to enable your bike to be tracked and digitally locked using the Serial 1 App, to help give peace of mind. Did you also know that the Serial 1 App is the only bicycle app available today that uses genuine Google Maps Turn-by-Turn Navigation to ensure you are always on a bicycle-friendly route, and delivers comprehensive ride data too? This is only the beginning of what we have in store. We’re continuing to work closely with Google Cloud to revolutionize technology features in the eBike space.

Optimized Ride Handling & Performance

We developed these bikes from the ground up to be an eBike—not a bicycle with a battery and motor tacked on as an after-thought. Our proprietary battery design is located directly above the motor to centralize mass and deliver a stable and comfortable ride that feels like you’re riding a regular bicycle. We also know that one size does not fit all. By studying tens of thousands of data points on sizing across the globe (we’ll spare you the enginerd-y details), we built 4 different sizes that fit 99% of the adult population. That means that the riding position of a petite person on a size Small will very closely match the riding position of a taller person on a size XL, giving you the most comfortable ride possible.

Full Integration

Clunky isn’t in our vocabulary. We’ve designed our bikes to be as integrated as possible to give you one of the cleanest eBikes out there. The only bike you’ll see any cables on is the SWITCH/MTN, and that's only to allow rider flexibility with a dropper seatpost and selectable gears. There’s no bulky battery on the downtube or rear rack. We’ve integrated front and rear lighting so that you can see and be seen and hey, did we mention there’s even a glove box on some models? 

Minimal Maintenance

Gone are the days of lubing and adjusting greasy chains. A belt drive is quieter, more durable, and cleaner than traditional chain drives and comes standard on all Serial 1 /CTY eBikes. This means almost zero maintenance required for you and a drive that will last 3-5 times longer than a chain drive. The RUSH/CTY models also feature the enviolo auto-shifting hub. This internally-geared, CVT hub gives the rider essentially endless gears. You simply choose your target cadence using the enviolo app and you’ll always be in the right gear. Essentially, the only maintenance you’ll have to do yourself is put air in the tires. 

Those are just a few reasons why Serial 1 eBikes are not only worth the price, but are actually a great value for the money, too. 

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- Hannah Altenburg, Lead Marketing Specialist, Serial 1

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